Classical Guitar Society of Victoria

The Classical Guitar Society of Victoria is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization incorporated in 2005 under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act (1981), number A0046751A.
CGSV aims is to bring together guitarists, teachers, composers and the listening public to provide enriching experiences for all, through a variety of guitar-related activities.


"Melbourne and regional Victorian communities will have a healthy and sustained interest in and appreciation of classical guitar music, including listening, playing, studying, teaching and composing. The classical guitar will be an important cultural centrepiece for Victorian communities."


"The Classical Guitar Society of Victoria exists to promote the appreciation of and participation in classical guitar music. We will engage in activities that allow members and the public to hear good quality classical guitar music written, played or performed by local and visiting artists, whether amateur or professional. We will be an incubator for interest, appreciation performance and education relating to classical guitar music."